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Government According to Our Constitution

September 14TH, at 1:00 PM

 I was on a zoom conference call with AG Rosenblum.


During that call she told me “I work for Governor Kate Brown.” She was quite explicit in this notion that she has, unfortunately there was no mistaking the words that came out of her mouth.


I didn’t know whether to laugh at the insanity of that logic or cry at the abuse of power, our loss of civil liberties and gross abuse of accountability under that perceived dogma.


I then carefully and slowly explained to AG Rosenblum that, “No, that’s not true. If your position was an appointed one, that may be the case, but of course your position is an ELECTED one; therefore you work for your constituents- the PEOPLE OF OREGON.”


It’s both tragic and sad that I had to explain to a twice elected Judge and 8 year incumbent, who her boss really and TRULY is.


Her perceived version of reality in her role in Oregon as an elected official (the top law enforcement position in the state,) is both troubling and tragic. Her statement sheds light on her actions during her career.


At the close of the call, she stated that she “just needs more time in office” to complete her work. I’m sure with that rationale she does need more time. Oregon is not quite completely destroyed yet.


It’s time to REMOVE ROSENBLUM as Attorney General. 


Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Our Founding Fathers wisely set up our Government with checks and balances.

It is the role of Attorney General to be that check in the power of government and government officials.


Essentially, the Attorney General should be the guard dog for the people, not some hand picked lap dog.


The present Attorney General is enabling the power hungry Governor that we unfortunately have presently.


This is why we need a change. Our rights as Oregonians and the God given, constitutional freedoms, we all enjoy as Americans have 

eroded drastically under the regime of Governor Brown. Let's change that in the November 2020 election.

The current political establishment is not 

focused on Oregonians, but on fat cat special interests and friends of the elites.


Michael Cross is the Candidate for Attorney General that plans to expose and correct many of the bad laws that have been enacted under the current Governor.

When a Circuit Court Judge finds it probable that someone has been wrongfully convicted of murder and deserves a new trial, the Attorney General should not delay justice.  


The current Attorney General has done this many times, here are the cases that immediately come to mind: Frank Gable, Jesse Johnson and Dante Farmer.


Can you imagine being wrongfully convicted and wasting a decade or more in prison for a crime you did not commit?

That is what has happened and continues to happen under the watch of Ellen Rosenblum.

The current Attorney General is not doing a good job for Oregon and is allowing the establishment to continue business as usual. This needs to stop. Let's put accountability

back into public office, that's why we need Michael Cross to be Oregon's next Attorney General. 


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