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Since our Governor, Kate Brown wants to keep us shut down we need to think outside of the box.


No more gun shows, no more cannabis or live music events, people wearing masks in line at the local big box stores?

This is not right. Now more than ever we need to gather as "citizen family members" at smaller gatherings on private property.

Do you own a farm? Do you want to have a campaign event?

Just send us a message on the contact form. We are always looking for ideas on ways to exercise our rights in the fight against unethical politicians in Oregon government.

They have monopolized power in Oregon for far too long.

Take action now.


If you love Oregon and miss her, as much as I do, then I ask you to join me in this race to take back our state.


Michael Coss for Attorney General is the solution with efforts from the citizens of Oregon to make it happen.


We have many spots available in the campaign and in order to win this, we rely on concerned citizens like you.


Whether it's:

* helping other volunteers,

* answering the phone,

* handling social media or

* setting up yard signs...

If we expect to win, then it's going to take all of us pitching in to push us over the finish line  We also have fun and get to talk with like minded people, and that's great too.


Thank you very much for your help in restoring Oregon

Please click the link below to chip in. Our donation transactions are secure. You can be assured of a safe and secure transaction that way.

And you might even want to donate toward a bumper-sticker, a yard sign, or a field sign to get the word out.

This grassroots movement can get the entrenched establishment out of the capital and restore freedom to Oregon.

Join the Michael Cross for Attorney General 2020 Campaign

Michael Cross For

Attorney General

4676 Commercial St, SE #81

Salem, OR



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